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20/11/09 -
Updating slowly.

Anyways, ANY PURCHASE will receive a little gift for appreciation. (Pictures will be added soon n u may pick your gift! Meanwhile, items will be picked by me.hee)

15/10/09 - First post!

Pls sumbit your orders/questions here :)

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Friday, November 20, 2009


Toe socks?
Everybody love 'em!
Began in Japan, toe-socks are now a leading fashion socks!

available in PINK, RED, BLUE, GREEN (not in picture)

Pink - 2 available
Red - 1 available
Blue- 1 available
Green- SOLD

Buy 1 for RM 10 plus pos express
Buy 2 for RM 8 each plus pos express


Kelly Ladies.

Ladies Collared shirt.
Polo / LaCoste look-a-like.

It is made from a high quality material,
100% new with tag.

It is plain, but you may decorate it with iron-stickers to give it a little style.

Selling with only
RM 25 each, it is a STEAL!

Available in size S:
Red (2 available)
Black (1 available)

**but may also fit size M. measurements? email!**

Love thesee?
Mail me at :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yay! Price reduction!

Hello friends~

IncyWincy.Wardrobe is having sales, together with the-preloved-sister, Cheap.Pretty.Things.

What kind of Sales?
Enjoy discounts for buying a single bag, or u may combine it with other purchase for greater bargain!

For all Ms Incy's friends (followers) will gets 10% discount.
Also, for minimum purchase of RM15, you'll get free gifts :)

We're still new, but already having sales! hee.
Anyways, after the sales period, we'll be updating with tops and skinny shirts.
But for now, enjoy this sales.

Head on HERE to see how it goes :)

Ms Incy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Small Rainbow.

Psss: Ms Incy has another photo that she can't upload now. Will upload later!

Soo Adorable!!

Just a cute lil thing to use if u want to carry your wallet and hp and few makeups.
Suitable for casual days, going for grocery-shopping etc!

Thick material *oh dear, i xpernah tau types of*

Small pocket inside & outside

RM 23

Postage fee

Registered Mail RM 2
Pos Express RM 4
Poslaju RM 5 WM RM 6 EM

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Polka Hots!

From side view, u can see how not-small this bag is :P
*right+down picture has been brighten to show bag details*
Can fit lots of books! There's even more spaces left :)

Polka Dots bag!

A simple yet lovely polka dot bags!
It looks small, but it can fits lots of book inside.
Refer picture for more details

Black with purple polka dots
White with Red polka dots

Measurements when laid down
Length around 31 cm
Width around 47 cm
(beg ni lebar, cute! different from others :D )

Quantity Available
2 black
2 white

RM 28 each

Registered Mail : RM 3
Pos Express : N/A
Poslaju : RM6 WM RM8 EM

Email me at :)

LeSportSac Insipired bag!

Welcome to the first ever collection!
Updating little by little, there's still lots of pretty items to sell, but running out of time :(
Catch these bags ASAP!
u don't wanna miss this :P

LeSportSac Inspired bag

Just a simple, FUN bag suitable for going-to-class bag, or just for a day out :)

Details (besides from pictures)
A small zip pocket inside
A handphone pocket inside
No outside pocket.

-unknown, more like plastic-thingy.hee-

Length around 37.5 cm
Width around 34.5 cm

Quantity Available

RM 18 each


Registered Mail : RM 2
Pos Express : RM 4
Poslaju : RM 6 WM RM8 EM

Email me at :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome Note

Hello darlings!

Thanx for visiting IncyWincy Wardrobe.

I promise to bring u nice items and selling it at a very reasonable prices.

Who am i, really?

I love browsing around, looking for pretty items that comes with cheap prices, or reasonable prices.
I really loveeeeeee pretty things and somehow I want to share with everyone!

I'm selling things at much lower prices compared to others, or prices that is reasonable due to my costs incurred. So I hope u all understand.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions from you guys.
Let's all unite to find pretty things at reasonable prices!

Ms Incy.